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Volunteers are the backbone of any race and if it wasn't for them, none of these races would be possible.

For many, volunteering is rewarding in its own right and a great way to give back to the running community. For others, it is a way to see things from a different perspective or to learn about races before jumping into them. Whatever the motivation is to volunteer, we treat our volunteers as partners, and want to recognize their efforts.

Volunteers receive the following at Alpine Running races:

  • Quality t-shirt

  • Post-race beverage and food

  • Race credit towards a future Alpine Running race

There are a few restrictions that help make this policy feasible:

  • Credit expires within one year of issuance

  • Credit does not go towards volunteers associated with race sponsor*

  • Credit and race-day benefits will only be provided to volunteers who signup for a task in advance and fill an assigned role 

  • Credit can only be redeemed during online registration


Alpine Running has the right to modify race credits/restrictions/benefits at anytime and/or for any reason

*Contact Alpine Running for special benefits of being a sponsor

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