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You can expect at each Alpine Running event to have/be:

1.  A great time.

2. Low-key, but fantastic vibe.

3. Well organized.

4. Amazing & challenging courses - personally marked by your race directors.

5. Focus on participant safety.

6. Great volunteers.

7. A local beneficiary. Our way of giving back to the communities we run in. 


Trevor Hostetler has been developing nationally recognized courses in the Pacific Northwest for over 10 years.

Alpine Running was formed in 2017 after 3 decades in the alpine environment of the Cascade Mountains. Initially, Trevor spent these days alpine climbing, "racing" to get to the summit via ridges or sheer rock or ice faces. The summit was only a small part of these forays into the high country. It was the kinship that formed and remained between old friends and new, more adventures planned, unforgettable memories seared into the brain and a deeper appreciation for life, others and the wild places. 


As time in the vertical world became less, running took center stage. Trevor began to run around mountains or up less technical routes and the miles piled up and the runs went from sunrise to sunset. It is Trevor's hope through Alpine Running, you too will learn more about yourself, those around you but also gain a deeper appreciation for the wild places we run in. He is a father of two, a nurse and a runner of 40 years. Trevor's background of managing a large infectious disease program at a local county health department for 15 years served him well during the COVID pandemic, developing race protocols.

 Janessa Taylor has been a runner most of her life, running in middle school, high school, college, and ultras thereafter. She has been developing ultras in Oregon and Washington for the past 7 years. She spends her time with her daughter and two sons, coaching high school cross country & track, and running in the mountains near her home in Bend, Oregon. Born in West Virginia and growing up in Tennessee, the Appalachian Mountains remain a very special place to her. She enjoys long adventures in the mountains, hanging with her kiddos, swimming, cycling, & running with her pup, Nahla. 


Photo Teri Smith

Nahla is our official trail pup. She's fast as lightening and part mountain goat. She can smell peanut butter a mile away and is an expert at puppy dog eyes. Trails are her favorite!

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