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The 50 mile course covers two 25 mile loops starting and finishing at Skull Hollow. From the start, the course takes you to the saddle below Gray Butte. From there you'll make your way towards Smith Rock State Park descending Burma road to the river. Once you are on Wolf Tree Trail you will follow it until the bridge. The course crosses the bridge and climbs up to Smith Rock AS at mile 7.6.


After that AS, you'll descend back to the river taking the River Trail to Summit Trail and eventually to Gray Butte AS at mile 14.8. After a loop around Gray Butte and out into the grasslands, you'll return to where you started at Skull Hollow to a minimal AS vis the Cole Loop Trail. Loop one is complete! After the first loop, you'll follow the same route a second time. The course consists of 7500ft of gain and loss with 80% single-track trails and 20% gravel road. There are 7 full aid stations and 1 minimal aid station. 



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SRC 50M AS Graph.png


  • Drop bags at Gray Butte (AS2/5/7) & Skull Hollow (AS4)

    • Please label your drop bag with your name and bib #​ before race day

  • No dogs allowed on course.

  • No pacers.

  • Crew can support their runner(s) at Smith Rock AS and Skull Hollow AS.

  • Cut-off times:

    • 12:30PM at Skull Hollow (half way)

    • 5PM at Gray Butte AS (mile 40) 

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