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New for 2024!! We have added a 50 mile option to this stunning course! The 50M will start at Swampy Lakes Sno Park. Runners will be shuttled from the finish area at Sisters Middle School to the start. 

This is a classic point-to-point 50 mile race with incredible views and great single track trails to make the miles tick by. There is 4000ft of elevation gain and 6500ft of elevation loss making for a quick 50mile race. With a generous cut-off time of 16 hours, this will be a great introduction for those wanting to tackle the 50 mile distance or for those who want to check out the Oregon Cascades 100 course before trying the full 100 mile race distance. There will be 5 full aid stations along the way. The course has 85% single track trails and 15% gravel road. 



OC50 Profile.png


OC50 AS Graph.png


  • No pacers are allowed due to conditions of the permit.

  • You can have one drop bag at AS4 (mile 35.8), if needed.

  • Crew can see their runner(s) at:

    • AS1 (mile 10.5)

    • AS 4 (mile 35.8)

  • Cut-Off times:

    • AS3 - mile 25.5 - 8 HRS​

    • AS4 - mile 35.8 - 11 HRS

    • AS5 - mile 42.8 - 13.5 HRS

    • FINISH                - 16 HRS

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