There are 7 drop bag locations:

Rock Creek Aid Station                AS3/12   - Miles 16.8 & 65.1


Skyliners Aid Station                       AS6      - Mile 36.2


Swampy Lakes Aid Station              AS9      - Mile 48.8

Quarry Aid Station                         AS14      - Mile 81.5

Three Sisters Creek Aid Station   AS16/17   - Miles 91.3 & 94.1


Please respect these GUIDELINES for drop bags. Race directors and volunteers are not responsible for your items. 


Drop bags will return to the finish when the aid station closes. Please don't ask us when drop bags will return to the finish as this is dependent on many variables. The aid stations above (with the exception of Rock Creek) are accessible by crew. If you want your drop bag(s) sooner, your crew can drive to them.


NOTE: We do not ship drop bags after a race. If you forget to grab your bag(s), you are welcome to pick them up in Redmond, Oregon 1-2 days after the race has finished.  


Pacers must follow these basic rules:

  • Only 1 pacer may run with a race participant at any given time.

  • Pacers are not allowed to carry any of a runners items - water, food, clothes, headlamp, etc.

  • Pacers can eat from aid stations.

  • Pacers must follow the rules of the race/Alpine Running.

  • Pacers can not have a drop bag.

  • Pacers are on their own getting to/from an aid station(s).

  • Pacers must sign a waiver at runner check-in to obtain a bib number.  

  • Anyone not following these rules risks disqualifying their runner.

A pacer can access a runner at the following aid stations:

Swampy Lakes (AS9)                 - Mile 48.8

Dutchman (AS10)                    - Mile 55.9

Quarry (AS14)                           - Mile 81.5 

Three Sisters Creek (AS16/17)  - Miles 91.3/94.1


Crew accessible aid stations:

  • Skyliners (AS6) - mile 36.2

  • Swampy Lakes (AS9) - mile 48.8

  • Dutchman (AS10) - mile 55.9

  • Quarry (AS14) - mile 81.5

  • Three Sisters Creek (AS16/17) - miles 91.3/94.1

Crew must follow instructions from race volunteers.

When parking, please be aware of the environment/surroundings.

Please don't litter. 

Please be considerate of runners, volunteers, other crew and other users of our national forests.


Dutchman and Swampy Lakes are within 10 minutes of each other.


Quarry is accessible by a 1 mile of dirt/gravel road.


From Bend to Skyliners AS

From Skyliners AS to Swampy Lakes AS

From Swampy Lakes AS to Dutchman AS

From Dutchman AS to Quarry AS

From Quarry AS to Three Sisters Creek AS


About 50% of the course has pretty good cell service (AT&T or Verizon). The finish has excellent cell service.


There will not be live tracking of runners. However, each aid station does track bib numbers and the time the runner left the aid station. Each aid station will have the means to communicate to the finish/race directors, but it is only for essential communication.


BE KIND AND RESPECTFUL: Seriously, none of these races would be possible without the help of the great volunteers, sponsors, public agencies, etc, so please give them the upmost respect! If you have an issue, please bring it up with Alpine Running.


CHECK-IN AT AID STATIONS: Volunteers are tracking runner bib numbers upon arrival into aid stations throughout a race.

TIME CUT-OFFS: Race cut-offs exist for several reasons; safety, keeping the race on schedule and our volunteer's precious time. Remember that cut-off times indicate when a runner must leave an aid station.

NOTIFYING RACE OFFICIALS: If you do not finish a race, you MUST notify a race official before leaving the race. For safety and permit concerns, runners unable to finish the course for whatever reason may only drop at an aid station or at the finish line if close. We do not want to be looking for you late into the night.

RECEIVING AID - CREW/AID STATION: Runners may only receive aid at aid stations - no stashing aid on course or receiving aid from anyone outside aid stations.

DROP BAG GUIDELINE: Drop bags need to be labeled with your name, your bib number, and the aid station where it is going. Drop bags will be returned to the finish after that aid station has closed. If it is a crew accessible aid station, you may have crew pick up your drop bag there. It is possible that drop bags may not arrive to the finish until near the end of the race. Many of our aid stations are in very remote locations. If you are unable to pick up your drop bag or you forget - you have 1 week to contact us and pick up your bag in Central Oregon. After that time, items left will be donated. 


STAY ON COURSE: Stay on designated race course. Period.

ANTI-DOPING: Anyone issued a temporary or lifetime ban from the World Anti-Dopig Agency (WADA) will not be allowed to race. The use of WADA-banned substances is not allowed before, during or after races.