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There are 3 drop bag locations:

Swampy Lakes Aid Station       AS5    - Mile 33.7


Skyliners Aid Station                AS7   - Mile 47.8

1514 Aid Station                       AS10 - Mile 73.1

Bring drop bags to bib pickup on Friday, August 23 from 4-7PM at Sisters Middle School gym (the finish) in Sisters. 


Please respect the following guidelines for drop bags.



  •  Clearly label your drop bag with: NAME, AID STATION LOCATION and BIB #.

  •  Securely close all drop bags. Do not use cinch bags, paper or plastic bags as they easily open and/or tear. 

  •  Drop bags must less than 40 cubic liters.

  •  One drop bag per aid station.

  •  No glass bottles/containers.

  •  Race directors/personnel or volunteers are not responsible for lost items.

Drop bags will return to the finish when the aid station closes and when the volunteers have a chance to get some much needed rest/sleep. Please don't ask us when drop bags will return to the finish as this is dependent on many variables. The aid stations above are accessible by crew. If you want your drop bag(s) sooner, your crew can drive to them.


NOTE: We do not ship drop bags after a race. If you forget to grab your bag(s), you are welcome to pick them up in Redmond, Oregon 1-2 days after the race has finished.  


Pacers must follow these basic rules:

  • Only 1 pacer may run with a race participant at any given time.

  • Pacers are not allowed to carry any of a runners items - water, food, clothes, headlamp, etc.

  • Pacers can eat from aid stations.

  • Pacers must follow the rules of the race/Alpine Running.

  • Pacers can not have a drop bag.

  • Pacers are on their own getting to/from an aid station(s).

  • Pacers must sign the waiver below. Pacer bibs will be in the runner packets at check in. Pacer bibs will not be available at aid stations.

    • Waivers for pacers need to be signed prior to check in on Ultrasignup HERE

    • Click on the "REGISTRATION" link and select "PACER"

  • Anyone not following these rules risks disqualifying their runner.

A pacer can access a runner at the following aid stations:

New in 2024:

Runners >60 years old can have a pacer beginning at Swampy Lakes AS (mile 33.7)

Skyliners (AS7)                  - Mile 47.8

1514 (AS10)                       - Mile 73.1 

Whychus Creek (AS12)      - Mile 84.6


Crew accessible aid stations:

  • Dutchman (AS4)           - Mile 26.4

  • Swampy Lakes (AS5)     - Mile 33.7

  • Skyliners (AS7)              - Mile 47.8

  • 1514 (AS10)                   - Mile 73.1

  • Whychus Creek (AS12) - Mile 84.6

Crew must follow instructions from race volunteers.

When parking, please be aware of the environment/surroundings.

Don't litter. 

Please be considerate of runners, volunteers, other crew and other users of our national forests.


Dutchman and Swampy Lakes are within 10 minutes of each other.


1514 and Whychus Creek Aid Stations are accessible by a short dirt/gravel road (no 4x4 is needed). All other crew accessible aid stations are accessed by paved roads. 

Whychus Creek aid station is accessed by a short 1/4 mile walk. You will cross Whychus Creek on a sturdy footbridge.  


From Bend to Dutchman AS

From Dutchman AS to Swamy Lakes AS

From Swampy Lakes AS to Skyliners AS

From Bend to Skyliners AS

From Skyliners AS to 1514 AS

From 1514 AS to Whychus Creek AS


About 50% of the course has pretty good cell service (AT&T or Verizon). The finish has excellent cell service.



Several of our remote aid stations will have HAM radio operators. We will be utilizing Ultralive for tracking through the following aid stations: Rock Creek, Dutchman, 1514 and the finish line. Please have your crew download the Ultralive app for iPhone users or use the mobile view of the website at Please share this link  


*REMEMBER- tracking will be through miles 16.8, 26.4, 55.6, 73.1 and at the finish. Please be patient as times are entered manually. We will have Starlink at two of the these aid stations just to be able to provide tracking as many of these locations have limited cell reception. Please let your crew know this!

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