A single loop comprised of 80% single trails with a mix of dirt road. The course takes you to the summit of both Lookout and Round Mountain with over 6250 feet of elevation gain. The course begins with a gentle downhill on a nice dirt road as you head out of Walton Sno park. After 2.8 miles you will veer off onto rolling single track. You will come to Spring Aid Station (AS #1) at mile 5.3. From there, you will begin a 1400 foot descent over 3.8 miles. The course then hits a dirt road for about 1 mile on your way to Ochoco Creek Aid Station (AS #2) -the lowest point on the course. 


Leaving AS #2, you begin your climb to the Lookout Mountain Summit gaining 3000ft in 7.8 miles. This section is entirely single track passing several meadows and incredible views of the Cascades in the distance. As you near the summit the trail gets more rocky and technical. Once you are on top of Lookout Mountain take a moment to enjoy the view! 

You then begin your descent of 1400 ft over the next 3.2 miles to Upper Lookout Mountain Trailhead Aid Station (AS#3). From AS #3 you will start making your way to the summit of Round Mountain over the next 4.6 miles to Round Mountain Aid Station (AS #4). The trail descends steeply then levels off to rolling terrain over the next 5 miles on your way to the finish at Walton Sno Park.





Crew is allowed at aid stations 2 & 3 as well as the start/finish. Crew is not allowed at any other location on the race course. Any racer accepting aid from crew or crew assisting racers elsewhere will be disqualified.


There is a 2pm cut off at Upper Lookout AS #3 - mile 21.

50K crew accessible aid station directions

  • Start/Finish to AS 2 HERE

  • From AS 2 to AS 3 HERE

  • Start/Finish to AS 3 HERE


In accordance with the race permit, no pacers or dogs are allowed on the course.


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